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Your Exclusive Private Boat and Yacht Tours

Sunrise Sorrento was established in 2015, offering exclusive sea excursions throughout the Sorrento Peninsula, the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Ischia, and Procida, as well as the stunning Amalfi Coast with its charming locales, Positano and Amalfi. Guests have the privilege of exploring these enchanting destinations aboard luxurious yachts and authentic Sorrentine Gozzo boats.

The nautical base is positioned in Sorrento, serving as the perfect embarkation point to commence your journey and unveil the indelible allure of concealed treasures. This is made possible through the adept guidance of our skilled captains and the attentive crew aboard our yachts.

Each excursion is thoughtfully planned to deliver perpetually distinct adventures, enabling you to explore the enchanting and iconic spots during different periods of the day, from the early morning glow to the serene sunset. Whether opting for a daily sail or a multi-day minicruise, each journey ensures the complete immersion in the sheer delight of being at sea.

Choose to explore your blue zone with utmost security, and relish in the thoughtful gestures the crew has arranged to make every moment on board extraordinary: a sun-filled day, a refreshing swim in the beautiful sea, commencing with a Mediterranean Breakfast, concluding with a dinner prepared on board featuring local products. And, if you desire, experience the option to sleep on board, cradled by the gentle rhythm of the waves.

You will always be greeted with a sparkling welcome. Start your journey, choose the destination that suits you and let yourself be carried in total relaxation, wellness and comfort.

Boat and Yacht Tours

Would you like to explore captivating coastal landscapes and the three enchanting islands of the Gulf of Naples in complete tranquility and safety?

Place your trust in us, allow the captain to guide you and unveil the allure of the Sorrento Peninsula, Amalfi Coast, and the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida!

Taxi Boat

TO/FROM: Sorrento, Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Ischia, Procida, Minor, Maiori, Salerno

Our boats are available for quick travels, to allow you to get from one place to another at the time you decide and traveling in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Ginni S

I love the Mery Rose and even more, I love the energetic, friendly people who crew this magnificent, completely updated boat. There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than to cruise from some gorgeous Amalfi Coast port to a tranquil cove or beach for a day of swimming and relaxing. A day at sea is the ultimate luxury and completely worth the expense. The captain, Nello, is young, adorable (a requirement of all Italian captains apparently), experienced and takes great pride in his boat and the Sorrento area where he was raised. He is capably supported by the personable and helpful Angelo on board, as well as by Teresa, who is a delight to work with when planning your day. And it is, your day. While they have many great itineraries, they are mere suggestions. Teresa and Nello want the day to be about what you as a guest enjoy. Snacks, drinks, and fresh fruit flow. Want ice cream? Like magic, the ice cream man arrives in a boat! Looking for some out-of-the-way lunch spot where they come get you in a dingy to take you to a local, family-run waterfront restaurant? Nello knows them all and you will feel like a rock star walking in. Speaking of that, spend the minimal extra fee for pick up and drop off at the small, private marina in Sorrento. Not only will you feel like Mick Jagger, you will feel even smarter as you will have no wait whatsoever, unlike all of the other boats bobbing around waiting to get in and out.

This was our sixth time on this boat and it is hands-down what brings us back to Italy during the crazy, busy summer. The best people. Impeccable service. The gorgeous locale. Nothing beats floating in the warm, clear blue water with the unforgettable view of the iconic Amalfi coastline from the Mery Rose.


Loved, loved our day tour with Fabio!! We were a little concerned about motion sickness, but we had a fantastic day!! (Thanks also to anti-nausea meds!). If I knew we were going to do so well, I would’ve stayed on the boat the whole time! Fabio was awesome! We paid a little extra to have him pick us up in the port near our Airbnb in Sorrento so we only had to walk 10 mins. Worked out perfectly and Fabio was early and texted his exact location. He explained a lot of historical coastal sites as we passed on our way to Amalfi. Super busy there, and other than the church, which is beautiful to see, if you don’t want to walk in the crowds in the heat, I would skip it in the dead of summer. It was only an hour, and I bought a few cute souvenirs, so it was good. We had a few swimming opportunities and a lovely slow trek back up the coast. Stopped for a seafood pasta lunch in Nerano. Busy, but lovely with a great view! What a fantastic day! The time went too fast!! I would absolutely do it again!


My family and I joined in this amazing boat trip during our stay in Sorrento. We had such a great time in Capri with captain Nello and his lovely hostess Teresa, ones of the nicest people we've ever met!!! They showed and explained us the most beautiful places around the island, we visited the amazing grottos sorrounding Capri such as the green one, the colour of which was more than beautiful!!! Nello and Terisa provided US with anything we needed, they were so kind but also funny and prepared on the little legends and information about the island or the best ways of moving on it during the 4 hours stop included in our boat trip. What else? Swimming in the deep blue sea of Capri was breathtaking! We will definitely book this tour again if we come back in the South of Italy! It was really worthy and fun and I strongly recommend it !!! you won't regret it !

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